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Hillary Clinton- Character Video

Rosemary began creating comedy videos in 2007 after discovering that she could imitate Hillary Clinton.

She created a YouTube channel called That Hillary Show which generated a half a million views, including 100,000 from the actress herself.

Since then she migrated the show over to and got permission from many famous people to satirize them. (Not really).

But if she did get permission then she would have to pay special thanks to for doing that thing she does with her eyes,

Ann Romney for being blonde, Sarah Palin for being Sarah Palin, Cindy McCain for putting up with John McCain,

Arianna Huffington and James Carville for the voices that keep on giving.

In addition to imitating real people, Rosemary’s “own characters” poke fun at a vast array of subjects from credit

card companies to the AIG bailout to excessive plastic surgery and good mental health coverage to the world’s

worst political ad featuring her only on-camera male character…the idiotic Steve Sussman, State Assembly.