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Holly Faris Promotional Video

Throughout my over 25 years as a professional celebrity impersonator I’ve always leaned towards strong women, women who have overcome adversity, like Joan Rivers, Tina Turner and Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton always fascinated me, even as a first lady. I was amazed that after all those years of living in Arkansas, Hillary still had such a strong Chicago accent. It never occurred to me that I could look like her and be a Hillary Clinton impersonator until I was on gigs and other entertainers would hear me do her voice, along with funny anecdotes from her speeches the night before.

No matter what your political leanings may be, I think it can be agreed-upon that Hillary Rodham Clinton or as I call her “Hollary”, is a woman of strength who has come through it all. Like all of my characters, I love to infuse some comedy and make the performance entertaining. With Hillary’s history, I have lots of material!

I am happy to perform at all corporate events, incorporating personalized information from your company into my speech and appearing for mix and mingle, posing for pictures at a step and repeat or generally milling through the crowd with your clientele and guests.

I also can appear at Democratic or Republican convention’s and fund raisers or private parties for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, bridal showers etc. I’m able to bring with me a plethora of other political characters including "the first man", Bill Clinton, the Donald, President Obama, Sarah Palin and many other historical characters.