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Tired old Jazz band?......Not a chance with the ERIC LAGI BAND!

The Eric Lagi Band is a new experience in corporate entertainment. The look and vibe of a sophisticated Jazz band but with a repertoire and entertainment options that cover so much more.

Musically the group combines elements from the 50's era Jazz of Miles Davis, the 60's Funk of James Brown, the 90's Hip-Hop flow of Snoop Dog and the sounds of today with Robin Thicke. Add in the fiery Rockabilly of Brian Setzer and the retro cool of Michael Buble and you have a recipe for stylish and versatile entertainment.

The band understands what is required when performing as back ground music for networking parties and other events where volume is a concern. They are masters of being unobtrusive yet engaging to the audience.

If your event calls for a progression in both energy and excitement, or you planned an all-out dance party to cap the night, the Eric Lagi Band is an excellent choice. The song selection can become increasingly upbeat and modern to accommodate the energy of the event. If you truly require the latest in dance music and audience interaction, Eric Lagi is an experienced DJ that can take your party to a whole other level.


Choose the one that's right for you or combine all 3! (optional 3 hour continuous performance)


Rock, Latin and more! Classic and Modern. When you need the energy of the club and the power of the rock concert, you need "The Werd -Top 40". Complete with interactive DJ/MC your party will be non stop from start to finish.


When you need ambient music for networking parties and similar events but are looking for something a little more "familiar" than a jazz combo, you need "The Werd - Unplugged". Combining "Acoustic" favorites with unplugged versions from several genres, "The Werd - Unplugged" will give you just the right volume and feel you're looking for. If the energy of the event changes and guests want to dance? No problem. "The Werd - Unplugged" can crank it up and have the dance floor moving. If you still need more energy then DJ Eric can take over and finish the night in style.


When you need the fun, vibe and music of the islands but want the band to look a little "hipper" than your average Hawaiian shirt, you need "The Werd - Tropical" Marley, Buffet, The Beach Boys, Jason Mraz, Zach Brown Band and more! Always a high energy performance and with the included DJ/MC you get lots of audience interaction. As the event unfolds the band can switch gears to a more traditional format including dance, rock, latin and more!